Cervicogenic headache: too important to be left un-diagnosed.

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TitreCervicogenic headache: too important to be left un-diagnosed.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Année de Publication2015
AuthorsFredriksen TA, Antonaci F, Sjaastad O
JournalJ Headache Pain
Date Published2015 Jan 20

A comparison has been made between the cervicogenic headache criteria in the new IHS classification of headaches (3rd edition- beta version) and The Cervicogenic Headache International Study Group's (GHISG) criteria from 1998. In a more recent version, the CHISG criteria consist of 7 different items. While "core cases" of cervicogenic headache (CEH) usually fulfill all 7 criteria, the IHS classification - 3rd edition beta version- fulfills only 3 criteria. Although the new three beta version represents an improvement from the previous one, it does not quite seem to live up to the expectations for a diagnostic system for routine, clinical use.

PubMed ID25604994
PubMed Central IDPMC4417107